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PostSubject: Tanking   Tanking Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 6:27 am

Okay ive been researching a bit on behalf of all tankers in this guild since we have had a lot of problems with tank not keeping aggro and not generating enough threat per sec to keep the bosses away from us fragile dps so i have a talent build for what i believe is the best one for all of the tanks but some things can vary but this should be one of the best aggro generating builds though some may disagree and yes its a personal matter but i would recommend something in this direction =)

if you wanna respec prot please try out this spec then ive also found a couple of thread to how to tank and how much threat devastate generates inculuding other things like queuing your attacks.

This is a warrior tanking guide made by a pretty good warrior on the warrior forums please take a look even old dogs can learn a few things or 2 Razz

Here is another guide about tanking and theorycrafting =)

This is a performance analysis on Devastate Smile

This next one is very good to know its a theory craft for the warriors tanking. things like how much threat each ability gives and how much parry rating you need for 1% and so on please take a look your might learn a thing or 2 aswell

that said remember being a tank is great responsibility and if the group fails usually the tank gets the blame Razz but take a look at these things and improve how you can maximize your threat per second and how you use your migitation(if you dont know what that is you should definently check those links out) skills to maximum to make it easier for healers =) gl and hf with raiding
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