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 A new era in Message in Blood.

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PostSubject: A new era in Message in Blood.   Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:12 am

Hello Friends.
As we all know we have encountered some problems during the summer vacation.
The main problem is that 90% of the people who has left, said that "we raid too little".
Well to make it clear, we are NOT hard core raiders, we raid when we want, and when we got time for it.
So now i will list some new rules for Message In Blood.
This list is made with the rest of the officers in the guild.

- We will raid 2-3 times a week, depending of the eagerness of the people in the guild.
If people want to raid less, we raid less - and if people want to raid more, we will try to raid more.

- It is most important to remember that alot of the people in the guild actually have a life outside wow, containing friends, jobs and other hobbys. Therefore, if someone dont want to raid a set day, IT IS OK. We replace, or reschedule.

- The raid time will be 1800-2300. During this time, we only raid. Dinner brakes, and other longlasting brakes will not be tolerated. If you are signed up for a raid, and you know that sometime during the raid, you must go - let the officers now, and we will try to make a replacement when you leave. If you dont do this, dont expect to get more invites for raids.

- The officers in MiB ALL agree that we dont care about one characters level, the age of the player and so - AS LONG WE ALL BEHAVE. Remember, there are alot of in real life friends in here, not all of them have played so long, and we all start some place. To all the old school players in mib: Dont complain to the officers regarding the low levels, try your best to help them out with info and tips. As long they behave and enjoy playing, give them a chance, and you'll see that they are actually really cool people.

- Spamming, countless whining, childish behaviour, and begging ARE NOT TOLEARATED - and actions will be taken towards this person. Each officer have the opportunity to kick a person if he feels that the rules we have set, have been broken.

- Regarding the raid setup and days, we will use this homepage more - and we will use the "sign up" page alot more. So, learn to read Guild message of the day, so we can put an end to the endless "do we raid today" and with the use of this, people can actually plan the playtime, and raid nights.

If we all manage to follow these realtively easy rules, and just have fun playing - the life in Message in blood will be quite fun, and very interesting in my opinion.
If you have problems with these rules, or feel like adding/removing something - feel free to speak to an officer about the issue.

With this i wish all the members in Message in Blood a nice weekend, and take care of yourself, and your closest.

Best regards, Jan.
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PostSubject: Well siad my friend :)   Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:13 am

U know how to say it Forhekset....Respect to u Wink
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PostSubject: Re: A new era in Message in Blood.   Fri Aug 31, 2007 5:29 pm

nice jan!! på tide med med en preken
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PostSubject: Re: A new era in Message in Blood.   

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A new era in Message in Blood.
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