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 Gruul - High King Maulgar

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PostSubject: Gruul - High King Maulgar   Gruul - High King Maulgar Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2007 9:06 am

Hey Guys,

I'm at work so I've decided to slack and write a little guide to King Maulgar in gruul's lair since I've been there before.
for a more comprehensive version

There's 5 different mobs there each with a different ability. These mobs are
- king (has whirlwind every 30s or so. Keep demo shout on him to reduce damage)
- priest (shields and heals - prayer of mending heals ALOT)
- lock (summons felhunters and dots)
- shaman (cast ranged spells, casts hex and does melee knockback)
- mage (casts spell shield, firebolts and fire blast aoe)

- MT on king (altho a drood might be good cos of high armour to mitigate his physical damage)..
- 1st OT on priest.
- Mage to tank mage using spellsteal and fireward
- 2nd OT and 1 or 2 locks on lock add (OT to take initial aggro and lock to enslave the felhunter to then tank him - I prefer a OT to tank and let the felhunter do dispelling otherwise he will cause havoc if the felhunter dies or gets deathcoil. Any additional felhunters can be enslaved by other locks or banished)
- Boomkin to tank shaman or 2 range dps with good health - locks or/and hunters is good combo. Boomkin is ideal cos of immunity to hex. Normal tank isn't good cos of aoe knockback that causes aggro wipe.

- 3 good healers on MT, he hits hard and consistantly. Ideally different classes so he can get hots and crit buffs etc. 4 healers might make it easier.
- 1 on mage tank. Good healer, priest might be best cos of shield and big heals.
Those are the 2 most important healing roles.

These 3 adds can share healers and don't need dedicated healers.
- 1 on OT
- 1 on boomkin, the shaman casts ranged spells so it doesn't do much damage
- 1 on lock tank

This is more suited for range dps cos of mage aoe, shaman aoe and whirlwind. But a mixture is good cos rogues and interupters are needed on priest.

There's a tunnel leading to the cave.
- The cave has a small area to the left where shaman tank can go.
- The area to the right is where the mage tank will stand (there is like rock on the floor).
- The OT will tank the priest at the back where he starts off.
- The Lock should be tanked with the priest at the back cos neither has aoe.
- The MT will stand at the end of the tunnel to the left. There's a smoking crater for his healers to stand.

Hunters have a good use here. I think 3 hunters are good but not essential. 1 hunter is ideal for the MT cos he will MD to the MT who is stood in position. The other 2 will take the priest and lock to the OTs.

Mage and Boomkin should have no problem getting aggro from instance spells. Having MD on mage is a good idea too incase of resist. Another way is having the mage do the inital pull. If the mage does the initial pull, the other pullers will have to react quick so the adds don't beat the mage down.

Watch out for early heals cos you might strip aggro from one of the pullers >< If you do, u might have to be quick on the fade or bubble or bear button. Shammies.. u're on ur own Razz

Kill Order
1st Priest - curse of tongue him and dps him. When he shields, u have to break shield and then interupt the prayer of mending - kick, counterspell, earthshock, pummel, stuns etc. Mortal strike or the rogue poison to reduce healing will help here incase he gets a heal off. He can heal himself to full if you don't break the shield and interupt.

2nd Lock - after priest, kill the lock and felhunters. Easy Very Happy

3rd and 4th - mage and shaman - range dps the mage and melee dps the shaman. The mage has fireblast AOE and will damage melee. Altho shaman has aoe knockback, it's not as regular. If mage is down 1st, go help melee dps the shaman and then go king. If Melee kills shaman 1st, they should go to king and let range kill the mage.

Lastly - King
As soon as shaman is down, go dps the king. Melee should wait for the whirlwind to finish before dps - do dps for about 20s and then move away cos he will whirlwind again. It can 1 hit cloths users.

Phase 2 of King - At 50% health, the king will enter phase 2. He will charge ppl at random and do aoe fear (causing the MT to stun and to lose aggro). OT will have a job of being the watch man. He will taunt the king, and get some threat. The MT should then taunt him back. The OT will then back away and wait for the aoe fear. When he aoe fears, he will then aggro the OT instead of someone else. Then the OT will take him back to MT. The fear is fairly regular (15secs or so). MT can do switch stances to break the fear if he knows when it's coming.

If enough people are alive at this stage, he should go down cos his health isn't very high Very Happy Good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Gruul - High King Maulgar   Gruul - High King Maulgar Icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2007 9:37 pm

Awsome post raz. Lets hope that ppl read this so they now what to do!
and go find some vids of the fight if u havnt been at gruul befor.
And this is gonna take some tries before we even gonna get close of killing him,
even the trash mobs are really hard.
So bring mana/heaking pots and what ever we need that can help!

This might help a bit, and they are really easy to get!


Good luck
/krille (Ehlaine)
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Gruul - High King Maulgar
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