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 Tanking req

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PostSubject: Tanking req   Tanking req Icon_minitimeMon Oct 08, 2007 5:37 am

I wrote a nice guide to tanking magic numbers... but then I lost it and now I can't be arsed...

anyways, long thing short is this:

Kunthar/Infart said he wasn't sure about being able to MT but OT would be np. This made me think of the tanking magic numbers since a couple of times I asked warriors and they didn't reach this. I think reaching this is the minimum required to raid tank.

A crit hit is 1.5x the damage of a normal hit. So removing this chance will mitigate a huge amount of damage and reduce spike damage.

Warriors annd Paladins need 490 defense to be uncrittable versus lvl 73 and skull bosses.
Druids need 415 if they have survival of the fittest talent. If not, they need 490 as well (say if they were a boomkin :S)

35k armour is the maximum amount to get max 75% physical damage mitigation. Druids can reach this in later end game, I reached 32k once with a full raid buff and both priest and shammy heal crit. Usually I'm sitting around 25k.

Defense increases warriors and paladins chance to parry, shield block, dodge and to be missed.

Druids can't block or parry and so more def is not as beneficial. Druids get more benefit from armour and stamina due to the bear buff.

Mobs can also cause crushing blow, this again is 1.5x the normal damage and has a 15% chance to hit. I believe it's impossible to push this out with just defense (sorry droods, forever destined to be crushed), but warriors and paladins can do this with shield block. I don't know the details of this, maybe someone might shed light on this?

Druids and Paladins make good OT because they can establish aggro faster than warriors and dps can begin earlier. Paladins are awesome AOE tankers due to consecrate, retri aura etc and gain aggro the fastest. Druids high armour mitigation makes them suited versus physical damage mobs.

One to one tanking is best suited for warriors because they can mitigate the most damage due to the inherent 10% reduction in def stance and this applies to ALL damage - inc magic. Paladins get 6% from improved righteous fury talent. Druids can't mitigate any magic damage and are primarily suited for physical damage due to armour and health and may be a better choice on consistantly hard hitting bosses.
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Tanking req
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