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 Under construction.

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PostSubject: Under construction.   Under construction. Icon_minitimeThu Oct 11, 2007 2:20 pm

Ok here we go.

- We started Message in Blood JR. In here we have all the members below lvl65.
- Second - Kick all members from guild - reinvite people below lvl65 to the new created one. Select GM, and officers - and make rules.
- When a person ding lvl65 - he gets invited to MiB, and will get help doing his prequest. Still, he need to post apply, but have a much better chance of joining than a random johndoe.
- Create an easy application on a brand new, fresh forum - that Forhekset will make.
- ALL lvl70 will have to apply on this one for joining MiB. No exeptions.
- Create new ranks. Suggestion: 1. Worker: New added members/non-attuned people. 2: Fighter. PvPer's, or people that dont want to raid. 3. Raiders - people attuned. 4. Commander (class leaders, officer rank) 5. General Rhagnaros.

- When people post apply on forum - the class leader makes decision if he needs the selected member, decide on experience - armory, application on such things. Discuss with other officers.

1. We need set raid days. Atleast 1 a week - more is better. When we have all bosses on kara we can slack more. much more.
Suggestions: 2 raid days a week, this means: Do you want to stay a mib raider, be online these days! if a day dont fit in ur RL schedule, or you know you must go early - let your class leader know ASAP - so he can arrange for a step-in.
2. We DONT start fighting 25 mans until we have raiders in a second raid group that meet our demands - (demands will come later, like +heal, defense-rating, spell dmg and so) and atleast have start bosses (up to curator) on farm. With this, we know that people are determined to raid - and dont just sign up to be onma list for showoff or whatever the reasons may be.
3. Raid times: Be online when signup time is set. If u dont, we down-rank you - and someone else takes your place. Example: When we raid 1900 - 2300 - we raid. Nothing else. Dont go AFK for watching a movie and shit. Short brakes are allowed, and should be taken AFTER a boss is killed, or when we all agree on one.

- Reasons we do this is to avoid alot of unnessesary traffic on chat, and then you know when you ding lvl65 - you actually come to a guild that is well organiced in raiding, and have made some plans for you aswell. And: they have good experience in raiding.
- When you enter mib at lvl65, you will be granted acces to alot of green/blue items that you can purchase very cheap from build bank
- In a guild like this, you find alot of people at your own level - that you can go instances with - to actually LEARN your character - and dont only get boosts here and there.
- more to come

:::::::: Suggestion to application form :::::::
- Class
- Spec
- Reason for join (PvP, Raid, hang out):
- Willing to respec if needed:
- Age: (optional)
- Alts
- Previous guilds, why left
- Why join MiB:
- Karazhan attuned:
Armory link:
Can you raid (monday and tursday 1900 -2300?) ? - the days set later
Are you willing to spend money on wipe bills, bring pots and use them on raids?

Q: Why change so drasticly? We are having a great time in MiB as it is
A: At the moment we have 220 members in our guild, and that way to much. Most of the highlevels dont appreciate the "gief boost plX" every day - and we are starting to wonder if people actually know theire class anymore.

Q: Grp2 cant even progress in kara, why bother?
A: With more dedicated users, with class leaders knowing who is in the guild, with knowledge of that people actually will show up for raiding - the progress will come.

Q: So my alt is stuck in a lowlvl guild forever?
A: It is your alt, you dont need it in a raiding guild.

Q: Do you guarantee that i can join MiB when i ding lvl 65?
A: No guarantees given, but i promise you the chances are much bigger - and with this we might be able to control who comes soon, so we dont need to recruit randoms - and you might get to know the others that are on theire way up.

Q: If i dont show for raid, am i excluded forever from raiding? Real life issues may occur, and im not online 24/7
A: No of course not. BUT, if this is somehing that become a habit from your side - we see no other reason to keep you as a raider. We demote first, and take it from there.

Q: I joined MiB under these rules, and I want to raid - but we dont have enough people? Can i come in grp1?
A: Most likely no, this is so you dont get saved to the instance that week. If the second group still isnt up - go farm for epic set, go heroic for badges and buy gear, or just go instances to get dungeon set. The more prepared you are for karazhan - the easier it will be when you start.

A: Relax, go to the main page on this forum. Locate the topic "Sign Up here" It is just below the News topic, and got subtext "Sign here if u wanna join". The officers will ONLY use that page to concider you a a applicant to MiB.

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PostSubject: Re: Under construction.   Under construction. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2007 5:08 am

Think it sounds great m8... rly need to do something to get this working and your idea sounds great.. cheers
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PostSubject: Yea....   Under construction. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2007 8:12 am

yea this will wourk, cant wait! we need structure in the guild! jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: Under construction.   Under construction. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2007 10:06 am

This is great! Just what I've been waiting for, finally some structure cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Under construction.   Under construction. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2007 4:37 am

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PostSubject: Re: Under construction.   Under construction. Icon_minitime

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Under construction.
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