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 lvl 70 combat rogue applicaton

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PostSubject: lvl 70 combat rogue applicaton   Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:13 am

IRL name: Aman

Age: 17


Sex: Male

Character name:Kabosiaz

Class: Rogue

Character level: 70 of course Smile

Alt characters:nope

Character Profession(s) and skill level: pretty lazy... engineering 237

Talent build - Combat , 17/44/0

Would u respect if the guild told u to: Sure

Even if its PvE talents wich is boring in PvP: Sure, i would like to raid kara more)))

Total /played - dont remember.

/played in level 70: since august may be

What experience you have of WoW before tbc (The burning crusade) and after: i am not a noob, but that tbc is more interesting)

Previous guild(s): eXceed(not anymore), The Devils, Addictive(not anymore)

How much are u online each day: may be 3 hours, but if i will join the raid, i will b eonline until the end!

Reason for joining MIB: Raiding Kara, also for fun!

Are all your characters leveled up by yourself? Donít be afraid to tell the truth: Of Course)

Anything else: Please, let me join your guild, and to join raiding group to Kara!
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PostSubject: Re: lvl 70 combat rogue applicaton   Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:41 am

Application Denied

I've talked to you in-game, so you know what needs improvements. Good luck on that and hope to see you again.
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lvl 70 combat rogue applicaton
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