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Message in blood is a guild from WoW and this is our Forum
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Localisation : Trondheim, Norway
Registration date : 2007-07-03

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PostSubject: LW   LW Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 8:51 am

- Class: Troll Hunter
- Spec: Marksman
- Reason for join (PvP, Raid, hang out):PVE
- Willing to respec if needed: Sure
- Age: (optional) 25
- Alts: Skrytpaven (priest, lvl 56 atm), Frøskatta (lvl 60 rogue)
- Previous guilds: Lucky Strike, disbanded
- Why join MiB: Know some of you IRL, and think MIB is a good guild if we get the right ppl.
- Karazhan attuned: Yes
- Armory link:
- Can you raid tuesdays 1900 - 2300 and sundays 1500 - can raid monday - thursday 1700-0000 atm, + some sundays.
- Are you willing to spend money on wipe bills, bring pots and use them on raid: yes
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PostSubject: Re: LW   LW Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 9:00 am

Welcome in mate, you need to upgrade some of your items before you get raider rank, but you got good time to do that before we start to raid again.
We will let you know ingame, what gear we would like you to aim for.
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PostSubject: Hey.   LW Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 9:11 am

Not to be rude..but u really need to gear up. MM and 1200+ ap and 16% critt chance thats not good..sry...u should try to hit 1400 ap and 20% critt atlest.

To get there u can get ur-self the pvp-nonsetepics from BG-vendor.
And start doing some end-game instancing so u can get ur Duengeon-set.
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PostSubject: Re: LW   LW Icon_minitime

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