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 Celaeno 70 shadow priest

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PostSubject: Celaeno 70 shadow priest   Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:29 pm

- Class: Priest

- Spec: Shadow

- Reason for join (PvP, Raid, hang out): Raid and "hanging out" if u want to call it that way Very Happy

- Willing to respec if needed: No

- Age (optional): 17

- Alts: Hayyah (lvl 17 warlock), Loredana( lvl 10 mage) -- i know they are very low but they are my alts Very Happy

- Previous guilds, why left:
<Pui de dac> => full noobs&beggers, exept guild master and other 5 players.
<Heavenly divine> => left it because there where few ppl online anytime i loged on, morning/ evening/ night, like 4-7ppl online. very frustrating.

- Why join MiB: Cause it's raiding guild and i like most of the players Very Happy

- Karazhan attuned: hell yea

Armory link:

Can you raid tuesdays 1900 - 2300 and sundays 1500 - to earliest 2100 ?
==> i can raid from 2100 till 0300 tuesday,friday,saturday,sunday. I only come if my BF (Mutantul) comes, and he doesn't come without me, so he can raid only when i can. sorry for the late hours but we have school and u'll have to understand us.

Are you willing to spend money on wipe bills, bring pots and use them on raids?
==> well everytime i came to kara i gave the tank one or2 pots and 2 pots for the healers, or pet food,or some cooked food that gives stats. i dont mind this but i cant come and spend like 2 stacks of herbs to make pots for the 9players. about the repairing bills, np, willing to pay ( i'm cloth) cause iit doesn't cost that much.
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PostSubject: Re: Celaeno 70 shadow priest   Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:50 pm

Nice apply, approved.
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Celaeno 70 shadow priest
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