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 Trogzerkan - Rhagnaros old ALT :D (Heine)

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Trogzerkan - Rhagnaros old ALT :D (Heine) Empty
PostSubject: Trogzerkan - Rhagnaros old ALT :D (Heine)   Trogzerkan - Rhagnaros old ALT :D (Heine) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 2:02 pm

IRL name: Heine

Age: 15

Country: Denmark

Sex: Male

Character name: Trogzerkan

Class: Shaman

Character level: 70

Alt characters: Orkaen 21 Hunter

Character Profession(s) and skill level: JC and Miner Skill LOW

Talent build: Resto.

Reason: I love this guild all my best WoW friends is in it + i like to raid and go PvP

Old Guild: Message In Blood.

Play time each day: IDK but its different
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Trogzerkan - Rhagnaros old ALT :D (Heine)
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