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Message in blood is a guild from WoW and this is our Forum
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Localisation : Oksvoll Norway
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PostSubject: Styggheit   Styggheit Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2007 8:24 am

IRL name: Kurt

Age: 25

Country: Norway

Sex: Male

Character name: Styggheit

Class: Warlock

Character level: 68 atm

Alt characters: Garage 70 hunter, Ripuapart 55 druid, Rightous 42 warrior

Character Profession(s) and skill level: 340 tailoring

Talent build? Destruction

Would u respect if the guild told u to: sure

Even if its PvE talents wich is boring in PvP: yes

Total /played 45 days

/played in level 70: 0

What experience you have of WoW before tbc (The burning crusade) and after: Mc, onyxia, aq20, ZG. after: Karazhan a bit

Previous guild(s): Lucky strike

How much are u online each day: 5-6 hrs

Reason for joining MIB: know some of the ppl irl. Wanna help the guild become even better!

Are all your characters leveled up by yourself? yes ofc

Anything else:
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