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 Application - Nargazul - Lvl 70 rogue

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Application - Nargazul - Lvl 70 rogue Empty
PostSubject: Application - Nargazul - Lvl 70 rogue   Application - Nargazul - Lvl 70 rogue Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2007 2:33 pm

Nargazul, level 70 undead rogue

- Spec:
15/46/0 Combat PvE. Chose this build because it gives me the most damage output and it also suits my playing style well.

- Reason for join (PvP, Raid, hang out):
Joining ofcourse for raiding. There's nothing like taking down a boss after many
attempts and finally succeed.

- Willing to respec if needed:
I am.

- Age (optional):
25 years old

- Alts:
Nothing more than a few alts, all under level 20. So not much too talk about.

- Previous guilds, why left:
Well, joined up with Anyone For A Pint after some time as 70, but got burned out from
the raiding and decided to take a break. After the break I joined up with MiB and has stayed there till now.

- Why join MiB:
Got quite a few IRL friends playing there, and I've also gotten to know a few more
skilled and dedicated players I hope to see again.

- Karazhan attuned:
I am.

Armory link:

- Can you raid tuesdays 1900 - 2300 and sundays 1500 - to earliest 2100?:
I sure can.

- Are you willing to spend money on wipe bills, bring pots and use them on raids?:
No problem at all. Got nothing better to spend it on anyways.
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Application - Nargazul - Lvl 70 rogue
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